Generations to come
will enjoy a clean, safe and healthy world when
sustainability is aligned with commercial appeal.

We share your passion for making our world better

gr8day invests in entrepreneurs who have dedicated their exceptional talent and technologies to resolve the world’s most fundamental social and environmental issues. Together we are creating an incredible, safe, healthy and sustainable world for generations to come.

We harness our knowledge, experience, and connections to help you in your journey.

Our values

  • Responsibility


    To leave a better world with the gifts we have - innovation, resources, talent and the deep desire to improve our world today and into the future

  • Win-win


    Aligning sustainability with commercial appeal creates significant, continuous, positive effect on society & environment

  • Grounded-Vision


    To truly move the needle where it matters most – fundamental, meaningful impact with aspirational foresight and practicality

We believe in investing in meaningful impact with business success

  • Significant advancments for the most important issues
    That markets will adopt with inherent motivation
  • Sustainability & continuous improvement
    Commercial sustainability & growth
  • Prioritizing good impact from the most advanced innovations is our responsibility
    Prioritizing business sense & accountability is the key to sustainable global impact