gr8day Investments supports the technology pioneers
who are dedicated to solving our most fundamental
social and environmental issues.

We invest in ventures that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

  • Sustainability

  • Health

  • Social impact

  • ansā

    ansā coffee roasting technology brings together AI-driven dielectric heating and specialty green coffee beans to the workplace with its micro-roaster, delivering the perfect farm-to-cup experience while caring for the environment.

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  • RightHear

    Making the world more accessible for everyone, with talking signage that brings the environment to life through audio descriptions delivered in real-time directly to a smartphone or tablet.

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  • Zero Egg

    Zero Egg provides a plant-based egg substitute that tastes, looks, and functions just like a real egg, to secure nutritious and inexpensive food by offering real taste with a featherlight footprint on the planet.

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  • BeeHero

    Keeping farmers, beekeepers, and nature happy with smart beehives that maximize crop yields, using precision beekeeping technology that protects the bees and optimizes pollination in real-time.

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  • diagnostic robotiocs

    Diagnostic Robotics medical-grade AI triage and clinical-predictions platform that uses AI and predictive analytics models to solve a global challenge: strained health budgets and workforces.

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  • vectorious

    Vectorious is transforming heart failure treatment with the worlds’ first in-heart microcomputer.

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  • paamba

    The Paamba project provides an unprecedented opportunity to harness artists, business people and commercial companies to raise donations for social causes close to their hearts.

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    Rivian is dedicated to solving how we shift our planet’s energy and transportation systems entirely away from fossil fuel - starting with affordable, experience - centric electric vehicles for consumers and commercial delivery.

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  • tipa

    Tipa creates packaging that behaves just like organic waste, so nature won’t even notice we’re here.

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  • source

    Source is dedicated to Perfect drinking water created from sunlight and air with the world’s first renewable drinking water system.

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  • eri

    ERI is a ground-breaking research company in the field of social impact; working for government ministries, partnering with the largest philanthropic funds, and producing research & strategies for NGOs as well as large corporations.

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  • agrinoze

    Agrinoze’s unique, precise methodology utilizes the plant root itself as a “super sensor” by monitoring the plant’s physiological activity day and night and reacts in real-time to the changes and/or needs in the plant’s physiological cycle.

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  • Heliogen

    Heliogen is unlocking the power of sunlight to replace fossil fuels, decarbonizing the industry with cost-effective solar solutions that deliver near-24/7 carbon-free energy in the form of ultra-high temperature heat, sunlight-driven power, and green hydrogen fuel.

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  • Acquired by NANO DIMENTIONS


    Nanofabrica is leading the field in precision digital manufacturing enabled by their innovative Micro Adaptive Projection technology.

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We invest in venture capital and private equity funds that share our vision

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define the world we want. They apply to all nations and mean, quite simply, to ensure that no one is left behind. ...The 17 Sustainable Development Goals ARE the 2030 Agenda, the map of the world we seek.(List below, color coded to reflect dots above)