Accessibility Statement


Arison Holdings (1998) Ltd.(the “Company”), invest the utmost efforts and many resources, to provide all of its clients with equal, respectable, accessible and professional services.

Company is committed to supplying accessible content to the widest public possible ion the Internet space, irrespective of the technology in which the website is designed. We operate to do our outmost to update and implement all of the required accessibility guidelines, in accordance with the Israeli Accessibility Standard based on the 1998 Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, and the regulations enacted thereunder, a lot of effort and resources are invested, making the necessary accessibility adjustments, which will enable a person with a disability to independently and equally contact the Company.

The website meets conditions set by W3C 2 AA level. These links provide details about the compliance of the website’s English pages. Additionally, the website was designed in accordance with W3C CSS and HTML requirements, and adapted to support the leading browsers.


Our company has no public reception.

For any additional information, you may contact our Accessibility Coordinator as detailed below.

Website structure and accessibility adjustments

To navigate around the website’s main menu and other clickable regions on each page, use the keyboard Tab key, and to go back to the previous clickable region, use the keyboard Shift+Tab keys.

The website content follows a hierarchal order, with explanations appearing beside the copy, where necessary.

All of the website images come complete with an alternative text field (Alt Text).

·        Accessibility adjustments were done in accordance to the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (ISR 5568) for Web Content Accessibility at AA level, and the international WCAG2.0 standard.

·        The website provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies , and supports the standard operation patters using a keyboard , with the arrows. 

·        Adjusted for display in popular browsers, and for use on mobile phones.

·        For maximizing the browsing experience with a screen reading software, we recommend using the latest NVDA program. 

·        Delivery of information in an accessible format – the company offers its contacts the option of receiving information in accessible formats. The provision of information is free of charge and is intended for people with disabilities. For inquiries and information regarding accessibility, you can contact the accessibility coordinator of the company as detailed below.

ARIA Guidelines

ARIA guidelines were implemented on this website, enabling the accurate interpretation of its content for screen readers.

Accessibility menu

The website features a dedicated accessibility menu, accessed by clicking the icon ♿. Using this menu, animations can be stopped, contrasts can be sharpened, font size can be set, and links can be emphasized.


It should be noted that we continue our efforts to improve Company accessibility, as part of our commitment to enable an accessible service to the general public, including people with disabilities.
Should you encounter any problem or issue with accessibility, please let us know, and we will make every effort to find a suitable solution, and attend to  the problem as soon as possible.


Accessibility Coordinator: Hila Ron

Phone number: 03-6073100


Contact via the “contact” form on the website.



Statement publication date

Latest update of statement: 07. 29. 2021