The most valuable companies of our generation will solve our most fundamental social and environmental issues with pioneering innovation.

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David Arison

Everything I experienced in my personal and professional development provided me with unique experiences to understand what it entails to build a business that can achieve meaningful, sustainable impact. I am privileged to share my experience and connections with incredible innovators who are also committed to using their unique talents and technologies to resolve the world’s most fundamental social and environmental issues.

Why I created gr8day Investments

Our generation and those to come deserve to enjoy our great world; a clean, safe and healthy world to love and nurture. Technology advancements and rapid commercial growth have compromised it, but they are the same drivers that will save it. It is our responsibility to use the best innovations to resolve the world’s most fundamental social & environmental issues. And this will happen when sustainability is aligned with commercial appeal.

  • It’s a great day when we leverage our greatest talent and technology to improve our world.

  • It’s a great day when we discover new entrepreneurs who have chosen to focus their energies for good.

  • It’s a great day when markets adopt products that are great for the individual, and also for the community.

  • And it’s a great day when the best financial investments are also the most positive impact investments.

  • I created gr8day to invest in meaningful and sustainable impact today and for tomorrow.

Impact circles

David Arison serves as the Executive Chairman of The Doing Good Model, and VP of Global Relations at Arison Investments and The Ted Arison Family Foundation. He also serves as a board member on three major boards at the Arison Group: Arison Investments, The Ted Arison Family Foundation, and The Doing Good Model. He is also a board member at Reichman University and serves as an Executive Board Member of the organization Innovation Africa, and Co-Founder of the organization The Impact. Prior to his current positions, David Arison served as VP of Global Business Relations at Miya, Arison Investment’s global water company, where he was responsible for strengthening and managing the company’s associations worldwide.